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I have had some folks asking about what I feed Ferdinand.

This is an oddly complicated question. Over the years I have played the game of ‘make the starling eat what is good for him’ with mixed results. It turns out Ferdinand wants his food to be in nice beak-sized pieces. This means I send a mix of things through a food processor to make a mix of dry food for daily use.

I get his dry food from My Safe Bird Store. They are one of the only places I have been able to consistently get Mazuri low iron food. Starlings being iron-sensitive, this is important. When we took Ferdinand and his brother Piasa to the vet back when they were babies that is one of the foods that came very highly recommended. That is also the food I have to put in the food processor until it becomes small pieces for Ferdinand. Piasa on the other hand will eat the pellets just fine. I got the picky eater.

I will generally mix some of the small bird blend and small hookbill blend in the food processor while I am at it, to give him some variety. Piasa is fond of Wild Game crumbles that can be purchased at tractor supply stores (just make sure they are NOT medicated). 

I also provide Ferdinand with live food. Mulberry Farms is an incredible source of live insects for starling consumption. Ferdinand will do tricks for wax worms, and I highly recommend having some on hand for your starling. He also loves the horn and silk worms. The soft bodied worms work much better than hard bodied such as meal worms.

If you feel like making a treat, cook up some sweet potato to share with your starling, just hold the butter or other toppings for the starling portion.