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As Ferdinand has grown to fly with a little more grace, recognize the cats as something to leave alone, and gotten into the habit of coming back to check on me while he is out, he has been allowed free flight while I am working on the computer. As I am both an author and graduate student, I spend a lot of time at the computer so this suits Ferdinand just fine.

There are no interior doors in the house apart from the bathroom (our one rescue cat has a very bad reaction to closed doors) so I have rigged a sort of curtain across the door that is pulled close when he is out. He has yet to investigate, but knowing starlings it really is only a matter of time.

Right now his attention is taken up by exploring the cage of the baby diamond dove that holds court from atop my computer desk. The dove has no idea what to make of the starling, and Ferdinand is quite interested in the sounds the dove makes. He spends a lot of time exploring the exterior of the cage muttering to himself and looking down at the dove.

I finally managed to get some pictures of his ‘stars’ as they start to come in along his breast bone. Taking pictures of starlings is harder than one might initially assume. Little fellow never holds still. Then again, that merry inquisitiveness is part of what makes him such a fantastic companion so its an even trade, even for someone who is as into photography as I am.