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It tuns out Ferdinand has definite musical preferences. Some music will have him singing along in a heartbeat (They Might Be Giants, Frank Turner, Beat Crusaders, Nico Touches the Walls) while he ignores others and will continue with whatever it is he is doing (playing starling soccer with his mini whiffle balls).

Unless he is roosting, and already inclined towards song, he has little use for soft, piano-centric music (we listen to a lot of Vienna Teng over here). Minor keys and music with a very defined beat structure seem to be his preference. He also enjoys things very much if I decide to sing along. I have taken this to mean my singing is not as terrible as previously determined, at least not to a bird.

He is also far more inclined to sing when I am in the room, though I have left the music playing for him and gone downstairs and we can hear him from the living room singing along some times. It makes both myself and my significant other grin. It is hard not to smile when a starling is carrying on.

The poor baby Diamond Dove that shares a room with Ferdinand and myself seems perplexed by all this carrying on, and spends a lot of time peering over at Ferdinand. Ferdinand has no interest in chatting with the dove, even first thing in the morning when the dove is beautifully vocal. The dove is far more interested in the starling than starling in the dove.

Today is a rare day off from work and obligations that take me out of the home, so I have been spending it with Ferdinand and he has been expressing his approval by singing happily for the past hour or so. He only stops occasionally to screech at a whiffle ball.