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The internet has been an amazing source of information when it comes to the wild world of getting settled with a baby starling. A few sites in particular would be of immeasurable usefulness to someone who stumbles upon a situation in which they may be taking care of an orphaned starling- I know I kept some of these tabs open on the computer rather constantly for a few weeks for quick reference.

Starling Talk is probably the most comprehensive source of starling and pet starling information on the web. If you do a Google search for starling or pet starling, the bulk of your top hits are going to be Starling Talk pages, or folks referring you to Starling Talk. The site contains information on starlings, raising starlings, reasons NOT to raise starlings, and important diet information. As they are insectivores, feeding a starling is an endless adventure- Starling Talk provides a good bit of help in this regard.

Another fantastic source of information involving living with starlings is Starling Central. Starling Central includes tons of information on housing pet starlings, concerns around the house, and the importance of free flight time (and the dangers involved to look out for). Starling Central is a very accessible site, and a good quick reference for a starling owner.

Starlings are insectivores, and apart from the mix suggested by Starling Talk, so enjoy insect treats every now and then. I have found Drs. Foster and Smith to be an excellent supplier of Zoo Med’s Can O’ insects. Ferdinand is particularly fond of the mini crickets and mini meal worms. The wild bird section of the page also contains canned wax worms, which he also favors, and dry meal worms which make a good treat for training and bonding.

Because I rent and have cats, Avian Fashions has become an important resource as they produce what are known as flight suits- a combination of diaper and leash for birds. Not all starling owners are agreed as to whether or not flight suits are appropriate for birds, but I am a happier bird parent, and Ferdinand is safer moving with me throughout the house, utilizing a flight suit and leash.

And for those who are still wondering just…what it is about a wild bird generally considered a terrible pest that has managed to make me get all embarrassingly softhearted, here is an excellent article from the New York Times that was published a few years back about the whole  process of falling in love with a starling- The Starling Chronicles.